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They have to constantly remind Muslims that it's incorrect, unjust and anti-Islamic (saying "un-Islamic" isn't strong sufficient) to harm, destroy or massacre innocent individuals who play no role in oppressing the Palestinians or other Muslims.

Islam is really a faith of comfort, justice and compassion and no Muslim extremists must certanly be permitted to hijack and/or defame the name that is good of.

Current activities in the US have sparked a renewed interest—and debate—about Islam and Muslims. The media that are commercial put two efforts aimed at restricting Muslim existence and striking at core philosophy during the center associated with nationwide (and international) attention. What is described as "Islamophobia"—a anxiety about Islam and Muslims—marks a particular part of this climate and discourse in america today. This approach is hurtful as it decreases a whole individuals of faith to stereotypes and images. In reaction to that, the 2011 UCC Synod and Disciples Assembly talked out unequivocally.

In Dec. 2015, Disciples and UCC leadership issued a statement condemning the vilification of Muslims. This statement identifies the US presidential campaign, the current terror attacks in the usa and throughout the world, as well as the Syrian war and resultant refugee crisis as facets that have added to the present climate. International Ministries and also the UCC and Disciples have discussed these problems as well.

The Huffington Post supplies a "A Running set of Shameful Islamophobic Acts Since The Paris Attacks." [Warning: some graphic language is included in the paperwork.]

The United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) take part in discussion and action with folks of other faiths, both in the usa and globally. Cooperation to lessen the consequences of poverty, to oppose torture, to support Middle East comfort, and simply to make it to understand each other are a number of the real methods we interact with Muslims and Jews, amongst others. Locally, nationwide, and internationally, numerous efforts that are good taking place to break straight down obstacles regarding the brain.

In 1989, the UCC adopted a resolution at General Synod entitled, the connection involving the United Church of Christ therefore the Muslim Community.
al-Andalusi is a research other for Yaqeen Institute as well as the founder associated with Andalusian Project, a separate research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is currently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on topics associated with the philosophy of science, atheism, terrorism, Islamic political idea and ethics, along with other issues surrounding the global Muslim community.
I have written and alerted readers in this column dating back 2014, even before IS became a monster that is globalnot just in Syria and Iraq), regarding the need, not just to beat this insidious terror movement militarily but in addition to teach the alienated and disenchanted Muslim youths who're drawn to IS ideology and also to explain to them why it's so incorrect at fault, vent their anger and inflict harm on innocent people for the suffering associated with the Muslims, especially the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian conflict seems become the main cause celebre utilized by Muslim extremists and terrorists to recruit disenchanted Muslim youths to join their motions.

For nearly 30 years since my pupil days in Britain, I have written about, campaigned and demonstrated into the campuses and roads for the liberties of this oppressed people that are palestinian the Zionist aggressor, Israel. Also I have supported and fought for the Palestinian cause on a matter of principle based on truth and justice, so yes, I do have the locus standi to defend the oppressed Muslim people and to write about the subject of Islamophobia though I am a non-Muslim.

The proponents of Islamophobia created and promoted negative perceptions of a targeted group that they do not like or have a hidden agenda against like most smear campaigns. And like other smear campaigns, there are a few foundation used by the opponents of Islam to justify the negative stereotyping of Muslims as extremists and/or terrorists.

The Muslim extremists and terrorists are largely responsible for Islamophobia. They've been falling straight into the "trap" of this enemies of Islam who're whipping up sentiments that are anti-Muslim. Since many terror attacks are brought on by people professing to be "Muslim jihadists", it's easy for the right-wing white supremacists to use these incidents to advertise the negative perceptions of Muslims and Islam.

The irony is that extremist Muslim supremacists in Muslim bulk nations, including Malaysia, are utilizing comparable arguments or rationale against non-Muslim minorities due to the fact people employed by the extremist white supremacists against Muslim minorities in the West, whom, such as the non-Muslim Asians and black colored people, additionally suffer with racism.